Birch Hill Condominium

Luxurious villa-style condominium

Drawing inspiration from Beaver Creek in the U.S., Birch Hill Condominium was established as Korea’s luxurious villa-style condominium in the birch forest along MONA YONGPYONG. Birch Hill Condominium is composed of 450 rooms with 41 units with various rooms. Located 700m above sea level where the human biorhythm is said to be optimal, guests can have a relaxing and productive retreat while enjoying the views of the 9-hole golf course, the golf club, and the Golden Slope adjacent to Birch Hill Condominium. There is also a wide variety of attractions to keep guests entertained.

 Front desk contact

  • Extra fees may be charged for early check-in, late check-out,

    or additional bedding or towels.